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The Bomb at Farm Hall
    - a historical drama

The book
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Two colleagues, Werner Heisenberg and Samuel Goudsmit, stood against each other. Both were active in the new field of quantum physics. With the outbreak of World War II, they found themselves on opposite sides - Heisenberg, a celebrated Nobel laureate, took charge of the German Uranium project, while Goudsmit became the scientific leader of intelligence operations on the Allied side aimed at the German ambitions.

Events turned the scientific and political landscape upside down, changing the future in ways we now take for granted or are unaware of. The prewar German and European dominance was displaced by America, in science and politics. And the spectre of war and threats of destruction of those evil times cast shadows on today's crises.

A historical exposition for the stage rigourously based on preserved source material. With a writer's privilegie to structure and dramatize, to please and to move a reader and a theatre audience.

AND here is one of the sources of the drama ..
The pineapple bomb

Moreover, I have made notes of my attempts to write this drama. Starting some fiften years ago. There are so many controversies as to what really happened during those war years, that it was most urgent to interpret and critically dissect narratives and perspectives ..

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