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Here you will find instructions on how to order my books.
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Contact tel: +46-703-428 728 (sweden), or use WhatsApp
        mail: bok@rabenius.eu

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The Bomb at Farm Hall
   : a historical drama
ISBN 978-91 9860-356-9
104 pages    300 gram     150 kr

Den Förlorade Ön /
The Promised Island

   : the unspoken story of the Blyton Five
ISBN 978-91 9829-648-8
150 pages, illustrated    300 gram     159 kr
   OBS: in Swedish! (as yet)

Learning by Knowledge Reconstruction
   : theory and method
ISBN 978-91 7153-361-3
188 pages   450 gram     100 kr

A Case of Knowledge Deconstruction
observing the learning of a text editor
Reports from the Deparment of Psychology, Stockholm University
36 pages    150 gram     50 kr