Ra The Ra Calendar

I suggest we introduce a new calendar. Frankly, the present-day Gregorian calendar is doing its job rather badly. Firstly, all months are different. One month might go on for 31 days, the next for 30 or perhaps 28 or even sometimes 29. This schedule is quite ridiculous.
The present mess starts far back in our (western) civilisation. The calendar we use today was introduced in 1582 - with the intention to repair the faults of the even older Julian calendar - since the B.C. calendar was going crazy with the New Year's Days.

So there we have two things to repair: each month must be made to have the same length, say 30 days. And the turn of the year must be fixed - say at the return of the sun light (or as an alternative: when at its peek).
Thus I suggest we begin the year at the mid-winter solistice, and then celebrate the mid-summer day when the sun is at its precise peek (on the northern hemisphere). We might name the new calendar Ra in honour of the old Egyptian sun god. And for good reason - this type of calendar was once introduced back then.

Ra Calendar The Ra Calendar is very simple, with each year and each quarter starting on a monday. So, the weekdays keeps repeating themselves each quarter. Each quarter ends with an extra day 'X', that marks one of the four Solistice Days.
At year's end another one or two extra days are added to the counting:
    + the Year Day is marked 'Y' , and occurs each year.
    + the 'Z'ero day marks the Leap Year Day.
All together, this sums up to the about 365.25 days of a year.

I have made a computer program for the Ra Calandar (Windows XP op.syst). It shows (left) the days, weeks, months, quarters and years like an ordinary calendar. But they are shown in a new counting. The present date of our presently used Gregorian calendar is translated into the countings of the new calendar.

The Ra Calendar (~WinXP)..
          download the program
             (version 8.0316, 255 kB)

THE NEXT STEP One step further would be to simplify the week even more.. that is to make one week 10 days. To keep work/leisure hours intact there would have to be three days off every week. 3 days out of 10 is 30% off (to compare with 2 days off in a 7-day week, i.e 28,6%).
AND.. why not change the dygn (day&night-cycle) to 10 hours! This is what can be seen in pictures below..

Ra Calendar

The picture above shows the new weakly 10days x 10hours time cycle (left with big clock-dial), and the old 7days-24hours time cycle (right, small clock-dial).
To explicitely give the date-time numbers ..
       NEW SOL= 2018.0623-5.39.32    
is the same as
       OLD GRE= 2018-06-13 12:56:36

There are four solistice days per year (SOL1--4). Below is the midsumer day ..

Ra Calendar

The two pictures above depict the Midsumer day at two different latitudes..
       - to the left at the Geneva Latitude, with 15,36 light hours.
       - to the right at the Stockholm Latitude, with 18,17 light hours.
On can compare the light and dark hours on the bigger 10-hour-dygn clock-dial.

Take some time to study the data conveyed in the pictures. As you might find out, the small conventional 24-hour clock-dial has the added information of sun-rise (red) and sunset (brown); this information is more visible on the 10-hour dial though.
If you download the app (below) see how days and months change when you click on the up /\ and down \/ arrows, and on the dials.
Also, try to figure out how many seconds there are in a day say, with the new and old time counting - supposing there are 100 new-seconds in a new-hour.

The SOL Calendar (~Win8--10)..          download the program
       (version 17.0328, 80.5 kB)